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Values of collaboration, honesty, and integrity are what drive me. My father often told me, "Son all a man has is his word." That sticks with me everyday and is what guides me.


I don't believe simply that a platform and issues are what determine the decisions and outcomes of our elected officials. I believe the approach to policy is just as important to tackle the issues that we face as a city.


Columbus is working well for the well-connected, special interest, and corporations but, I believe everyone should share in our cities success. I don't believe City Hall can solve all our problems alone, and that's why we must empower every resident, and work together to shape policy that provides everyone with the  tools needed to thrive and creates opportunity for all of us.


I believe City Hall is the People's Hall! All voices and perspectives should be heard, valued and respected.


I will ensure my office is accessible to every Columbus resident. Effective policy is not made in a vacuum, but requires the voices of the people

I am committed to working hand in hand with you, the people of Columbus, to solve our most pressing issues.


I believe that our elected officials should be accountable to the people. We have to move past rhetoric to real action.

I want to be held accountable by you, and I am committed to working with you to come up with solutions for the everyday Columbus residents.

By ensuring my office is accessible and embraces a true culture of collaboration I will work to make government accountable to the people.


Trust is the foundation of the social contract we all share. Having trustworthy leaders shouldn't just be the exception but, the standard.

Trust is not given, it is earned and I will work everyday to gain your trust by having the courage to speak truth to power, be transparent and truthful in my dealings, and advocate for the people of Columbus. 

By ensuring my office is accessible, and by holding myself accountable to the people, together we will restore trust in government.

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